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Kure Oxygen water!

If you align with our values, are a fan of our products, and have an audience you’d like to share them with…

The Kure Nation Brand Ambassador program is structured to benefit all
who become Kure advocates and champions as well as their audiences.

With our brand ambassador partnerships, we strive to share the power of uniting two essential ingredients to life: water and oxygen.

We work with all types of partners in North America:

  • Health influencers and experts
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Health and wellness brands
  • Event organizers
  • Online affiliates
  • Retailers and wholesalers

Here’s how our ambassador program works:

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Whether you’re a health influencer, athlete, healthcare professional, beautician or anything in between! We would love to work with you. But to be a successful ambassador, you must:

  • Be a consumer of Kure products and believe in them.
  • Have an audience or network that matches the demographics of Kure customers.
  • Wish to earn revenue on what you sell through your assigned channel/code, instead of flat rate.
  • Be willing to promote on a weekly basis for the first month, then a minimum of twice a month going forward to drive engagement and conversions.

Share with your audience

To earn the financial freedom that recussing commission brings, all you need to do is start sharing the custom code we send you to all the right places. But we want you to be a professional ambassador. That’s why we also set you up with helpful resources including:

  • Bank of promotional content with sharable images and suggested text copy for you to use for any social media posts, email blasts, and podcast reads that you are welcomed to adjust as you see fit.
  • Science Cheat Sheet with all the facts about Kure Oxygen water, from the source to the bottle used.
  • For the retail ambassador, we also provide display content and informational flyers. No need to carry inventory, orders will be imported to your clients directly from the U.K.
  • You will get access to the Kure Nation platform to further engage your audience and inspire them to be better with Kure.
  • A full Kure Ambassador Program Guide laying out the perks and details of our program, which you can view by clicking on the image to the right.

See the earnings come in!

Commissions on all sales for the lifetime of the customer! Every customer who uses your unique 10% coupon code will grant you commissions on all of their orders for the lifetime of that customer. Essentially, you get them to purchase once, and for as long as they continue to purchase, you continue to get commission on their orders!

The more you well, the higher the commission rate!

8.5%: 1 to 84 cases
12.5%: 85 to 168 cases
15.5%: At least 169 cases

Each month the commission rate resets. However, the great news is that as your referral base grows, so will your automatic earnings from your previous referrals. All you have to do is partner with us to keep your followers engaged.

Our mission is to help people perform in every arena of their life,
from the movie set to the studio and everywhere in between.