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MyKure is about more than collecting data and doing research. It’s about building community, answering important scientific questions, and making the world a healthier place starting with ourselves.

MyKure is about WAY more than data and research. It’s about building community, sharing stories, asking questions, and making the world a healthier place starting with yourself.

Do you know what happened to your
health today?

It’s a very simple question.

Health is your greatest asset – it’s real and should be something that you can hold in your hands and count just like money .

But we’ ve been taught to treat health as this soft, vapor-like thing that no one pays attention to … until it’s gone.

Then the lack of health becomes a scary, complex, rapidly-changing, noisy, daily battle.

The explosion of health gurus, blogs, self-help books, websites, apps, devices and data, coupled with a velocity of change, has made cutting through the noise as sociated with health almost impossible.

Yet, inspite of all of the lab reports, diets, bio-hacks, supplements, doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and scientists, we still can’ t measure, much less predict, our health … as a consequence, we don’ t really know what to do or if what we do will work! Until Now …

Introducing Your Predictive Health Detective

Where some see disconnected goals, devices, clinic visits, and everyday interactions with life, we see predictive health signals … and they are everywhere.

Signals are in every bite of food, drink of water, lifestyle choice, walk, tweet, searched keyword, night time sleep, day time nap, breaths taken, movie watched, podcast listened to and healthstyle decision that matters.

We passively collect and convert massive streams of health signals into easy to accomplish, actionable, predictable health insights.

MyKure enables you to know what happened today and why, so you can better know what will happen tomorrow.

Become Part of Something Bigger

MyKure’s mission is to make being healthy cool again. And that begins with making it fun, easy, and an enjoyable, everyday part of your life.

It gives everyday people the opportunity to make a difference by learning from themselves and others anywhere, anytime, and about anything. 

Kure Nation’s goal is to develop a community platform that is truly here to promote the common good. We want to empower citizens – i.e. people who care about themselves, other people, and the planet they live on – to become active Citizen Scientists and help discover the facts and health hacks that matter, and have fun doing it!

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